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Blitzkrieg 3 is an innovative online real time strategy game, where tactical multiplayer combat, player's base developement and historical battles merge with each other to create a unique gameplay experience. Blitzkrieg 3 continues the world-renowned Blitzkrieg game series that won over 40 awards. The main feature of the game is a unique asynchronous multiplayer mode. It allows players to fight each other, even if one of them is offline. The defencive installations, which he built, and troops, placed by him in the defence, will pass under the control of AI to ward off other players’ attacks. And so while you relax – the enemies break their teeth on an impregnable fortress you have made, losing their troops and bringing you valuable resources, that will help you to improve your base, or buy new army units for future victories. Blitzkrieg 3 is a first real online-RTS, long-awaited by all strategy gaming fans. Innovative PvP will give you a brand new experience of RTS playing, while historical campaigns for each of the side of the conflict will present you with classical gameplay and valuable rewards for the online mode.


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