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Bloom (sometimes stylized as BlooM) is a mod for id Software's video game Doom II. It is designed to merge all of the enemies, weapons and environment elements of Monolith Productions' Blood and Doom II, creating a crossover of both game universes. It was developed by Spanish indie studio Bloom Team and released via Mod DB on October 31, 2019. BlooM's story begins 10 years after Doom II's events. Earth governments try to rebuild the remnants of civilization after the war against Hell. Meanwhile Cabalco remained latent, waiting for the right moment to take over the old UAC facilities. The goal of Cabalco is to build its own portal generator, not just to bring back all the Cabal fallen army, but to resurrect Tchernobog. During the process of opening the portal, the Cabal's engineers detected an anomaly surely due to a bad adjustment of the collider. This produced an space-time disturbance in which the past (Blood) merged with the present (Doom II) in a fragmented universe known as the Void. And not only that! The vortex brought back Cabal's army along with all the demons from hell slaughtered by Doomguy! Cabalco sorcerers tried to put the Icon of Sin under their control. But after several attempts, they found it was an impossible task. War of The Void begins... Being unable to subdue the army of hell, Cabalco scientists created the Hybrids. Servile and lethal creatures, combining Hell demons and Cabal forces. Luckily, on this occasion, Doomguy won't be alone. The time vortex fusion brought an ally: Caleb. Together they will not only fight to destroy the demons and acolytes of Cabal, but also the secret weapon of Cabal, the hybrid creatures!


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