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Blue Lightning is a combat flight simulation video game developed by Attention to Detail and published by Atari Corporation exclusively for the Atari Jaguar CD on September 21, 1995. It is a remake of Epyx's 1989 Atari Lynx title of the same name and was, alongside Vid Grid, one of the pack-in games for the peripheral when it launched. Assuming the role of a rookie aircraft pilot from the Blue Lightning squadron, players take control of multiple military aircraft on various missions in order to stop General Drako, who betrayed the United Nations and slowly gained control of many armed forces through corruption to expand his organized crime empire on all over the world. Originally advertised as a sequel to the Atari Lynx original, Blue Lightning had a troubled development cycle and went through various changes before release. Similarly with Cybermorph, an early game for the Jaguar created by its main developer, Blue Lightning received divisive reviews when it launched. While it received praise for its soundtrack, many reviewers felt divided in regards to the gameplay and graphics. Critics also compared the game with both the original Lynx game and After Burner, which received a conversion for the Sega 32X months prior. A top U.N. General named Drako has gone renegade. As a member of the U.N's Blue Lightning squad, you must stop him from organizing a global crime empire and holding the world for ransom. Use a multi-national selection of deadly fighter and attack aircraft to stop Drako's military forces. Only you stand between Drako and world domination!


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