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About Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is a role-playing Board puzzle game. For a certain amount of time, combine the figures, increase your characteristics and deal with evil, but keep in mind that a wrong step can lead to irreversible consequences! The "2048" traditional version proposes to combine numbers in pairs. The meaning of the Bone Marrow game has not changed but the numbers have been replaced with objects, and using their combination, you can create better weapons, shields and potions, which will lead to an increase in your attack and defense. In addition, monsters appeared; having done away with which ones, you will replenish your account. Such seemingly simple changes allow to significantly revive the familiar puzzle, and give it a completely different look. Bone Marrow is suitable for those who prefer turn-based missions rather than the endless movement of elements on the field. Here, on each card, you need to score a certain number of points, afterwards, you can switch to a new one. It all is arranged as a journey to different places of the Middle Ages that should be cleared from evil creatures.


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