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Bosorka is an exciting action roguelike where a young witch saves the world from insidious and cruel demons. Combine runes, master a variety of brooms, and try all possible and impossible spells until you gain enough power to fight evil. The young witch Horpyna, with the help of the ancient Grimoire, has summoned a familiar, but owing to the lack of experience, she isn't able to cope with the magic book and the spell has remained incomplete. After the unsuccessful use, the irrepressible book returns to its author from the other world, uncontrollably summoning horrifying monsters. The only salvation is to stop the book and prevent evil forces from taking over the world. Bosorka is an exciting action game that combines the best elements of the roguelike and shoot 'em up genres with incredibly stylized top-down 3D visualization. Immerse yourself in this dark fantasy world and show the demons who's the power to be reckoned with.


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