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Bot Patrol is a puzzle adventure about a small worker bot on its path to freedom. Beyond traditional sokoban mechanics, Bot Patrol features abundance of extended elements, that make achieving the goal a lot trickier. Conveyor belts, cranes, energy barriers and button triggers and not at last the evil guard drones are added into the mix. Bot Patrol is visually polished, hard but fun puzzle challenge, but not a rage inducting repetition machine - it comes with a gracious infinite Undo and Level Reset mechanics, to always be able to take that one step back, that went to far. In this bustling asteroid station, life for bots is all about routine — wake up, punch in, push stuff around, and recharge. But one day, you notice something odd. There's a crack in the routine, something is off in all this monotony. And where did all those missing colleague bots vanish off to? Should you try to get out of here? And where would you even go?


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