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Using the musket of Captain Davy Jones, you’ll need to kill as many enemy pirates as possible in order to achieve a high score and earn your title as Pirate Lord of the Seven Seas. Be careful though. Your enemies will grow angrier the more you attack them. Be sure to drink more rum and get stronger. You are Captain David "Dodger" Jones, commonly known as "Captain Dodger". As a descendant of Davy Jones, the legendary but also tyrannical captain of the Flying Dutchman, you are the only one who can wield his awesome musket. It's a magical relic than can easily vanquish your foes. With the help of multiple upgrades you are able to destroy entire pirate crews with a single shot. After a pirate raid at the local port you decide to step out of the shadows and claim your birthright by challenging anyone who dares oppose you. Make the pirate world fear you and claim your title as Lord of the Seven Seas!


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