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Cardpocalypse: Out of Time is a standalone adventure for Cardpocalypse set within the final day of Jess’ first week at her new school. This is a whole new standalone campaign! Build your collection and change the rules once more. Test your card gaming skills against a series of new enemy champions. Stuck in a time loop? Have some fun! Find new combos! Bloop, a special neutral champion, can use cards from every faction, and has a unique upgrade tree to explore. Build the Champion you want! On the verge of saving the world, Tock, the time-traveling Pipsqueak champion, hurls Jess back in time. Trapped in a time loop, she is forced to relive the same school day over and over again like she was some sort of giant marmot. To add insult to injury, Jess loses her decks in the time-traveling process. Jess must join forces with Bloop, the only neutral champion in the game and a known weakling in the Mega Mutant Power Pets realm... but perhaps Jess can do something about that? Together they must join forces to defeat Tock, get out of the time loop, and get back to saving the world!


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