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A fanmade remake of Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest is offering a whole new way to play the most infamous entry in Konami's classic vampire-hunting series. Back in 1995, Konami released Castlevania Chronicles on PS1, which remade and remixed the original Castlevania for then-modern standards. Now, in 2023, the fan studio WarMachine has released Castlevania Chronicles 2: Simon's Quest, which takes the same approach for the divisive NES sequel. This remake takes the bones of Simon's Quest to craft a whole new game. You still explore an open-ended overworld, get hints from NPCs, and explore dungeon-style mansions to acquire key items. But the world has been remixed, the mansions have been completely revamped, and the old currency system has been completely revamped. Set sometime after the events of the first Castlevania, Simon Belmont is on a journey to undo a curse placed on him by Dracula at the end of their previous encounter. Dracula's body was split into five parts, which Simon must find and bring to the ruins of Castle Dracula in order to defeat him.


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