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A comic/manga inspired interactive game. The game requires the player to trust their instincts to determine best approach. Actions are chosen either through drawn pages or open stages. The gameplay will affect the characters' emotional strength as well as their skills/cards. The year is 1960? Wealthy people begin to disappear. Chaos outburst everywhere in the world. Meanwhile the famous company "Dream of Joy" keeps getting richer. Each character's role in the midst of the chaos is up to the player. Characters: Kai, a.k.a. Chameleon: He is a young determined actor from Prague and also the protagonist of this story. Kai has the power to change costumes and most dialog options. Angie, a.k.a. Wounded Wolf: A warm/vengeful scarred agent from America. Angie is incredibly strong and fast. Strom, a.k.a. Cuckoo Hawk: An almost emotionless cop from Prague. A genius investigator and quick shooter.


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