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Chronicle of Innsmouth is a point-and-click adventure inspired by Lucas' retro classics from the 90's and H.P. Lovecraft's works. Investigate, gather info, and solve enigmas to unveil the secrets of the cursed town of Innsmouth, a forsaken place surrounded by horrifying rumors. The game, just like the story, starts off with a trip through New England: at the Newburyport station, you hear for the first time about Innsmouth, a despised sea city surrounded by a myriad of odd stories about voyages to exotic, unknown lands and its own, hidden cult that’s connected mysteriously to your family’s roots. Innsmouth - once a rich and thriving port, now a decadent forsaken place, surrounded by rumors about disappearances, hidden cults and all kinds of unspeakable horrors. Moved by sheer curiosity, you decided to investigate the truth behind these odd stories. But Innsmouth and its inhabitants guard its secrets carefully - and the truth might be a burden too heavy for anyone's sanity. Investigate, gather information and solve enigmas and puzzles to get to the bottom of all the mysteries of Innsmouth - if you dare, for you may find answers you would have preferred not to hear.


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