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After 82 years of Xyvran's defeat, Clériga must venture herself into her palace to repair the seal she put on the demon that prevented her infinite regeneration. This surreal horror experience puts you on edge as you need to find your way to the top of the castle while enemies slow you down, making you die slowly but surely, as your blood is being absorbed by the second. Clériga is an elf cleric who fought alongside a full party a horrible, immortal demon named Xyvran. As she regenerated, Clériga put a seal on her heart to prevent her revival, leaving her in a death state for years. 82 years after this, the seal began losing its force, and Clériga must venture herself, alone now, into the castle where she once fought, to repair the seal. Noticing along the way that her blood is slowly being absorbed. Each. Second.


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