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Fast-paced sci-fi co-op 6dof shooter. Pilot heavily armed gunships through alien derelicts while facing a wide roster of deadly robotic enemies. Fight alone or invite a friend. The year is 4096 and humanity has colonized countless star systems. The Milky Way is now dotted with massive installations owned by the various factions and empires of humanity. Ranging from deep space refineries to orbital temples they tend to have one thing in common: They are filled to the brim with technology, weapons, and riches. You, a notorious desecrator, roam the galaxy, aboard your FTL cruiser Nightingale, raiding targets of opportunity. Plunder your way to destructive weapons and technology powerful enough to finally take on the ultimate heist: The legendary vaults of the Galactic Treasury. But watch out! The galaxy is a perilous place. Be prepared for rival desecrators (or worse!) to intercept your greedy and gratuitous looting.


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