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Destiny of Heroes is a twin-stick, squad-based shooter set in occupied Indonesia at the end of World War II. Fighting Dutch and Japanese colonizers, you will lead the struggle for independence, in a heroic struggle against foreign tyrants. Liberty or death! It’s 1942. As the Japanese Empire invades Asia and the Pacific, the Dutch East Indies fall under their control. After centuries of brutal Dutch rule, the people of Indonesia are colonized by another tyrant. But enough is enough. The time has come to reject foreign rule and fight back against the colonizers. The road to independence is a long one, and once Japan crumbles, the Dutch wait in line to try and re-establish their rule. Destiny of Heroes lets you experience the long struggle for independence as one of the Indonesians, fighting for freedom and liberty from the invasion by Imperial Japan in 1942 all the way to the expulsion of Dutch colonizers in 1949. Liberty or death!

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