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"Devil's Deck" is an Indie Roguelike game based on cards deck building, which has a unique honeycomb map and original battle rules. Hope to bring you a new game experience! Why did Devil's Deck Developed In Devil's Deck we've combined the rogue-like, card game and fighting game genres to create a brand-new type of game, and the result is highly praised, which exceeds our exceptions. However, we're just getting started and plan to work on Devil's Deck for a long time still, hence why we've released it in Steam Early Access at this time. The gameplay It is a rogue-like adventure in a magical and dangerous dungeon, where you can explore a secret world and experience exciting events, while striving to enrich your deck and build your deck before the arrival of a powerful demon. As a rogue-like game, every exploration is a new beginning. You will encounter different maps, events, cards, items, etc., and will eventually match a different set of cards to create a unique adventure. Which cards to immolate or use, where a minion to place, all of that means you have plenty choices. Game Features: Unique system -- Original combat system, it is quite different from other card games, and both sides are using cards. Roguelike -- Random dungeon world, every adventure is a new exploration. Dynamic Deck-building -- The initial deck will be gradually strengthened during the adventure, and each adventure will create a different deck. Abundant contents -- The current version contains more than 240 cards, more than 70 items, more than 80 monsters, and 3 distinct heroes. Tough Challenges -- There are 20 difficulty levels that can be challenged, every choice needs to be considered carefully under high difficulty.


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