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Welcome to your farm on Heavenly Acres! Farmland that presents many opportunities. Harvest trees & plants. Grow Crops. Romance with other misfits. Collect up to 200 unique monsters and compete with monster battles! Indulge in the underground for buried treasure and dangerous monsters! A storm is brewing! Kuan Hakkai, the ruler of Heavenly Acres has vanished creating a vacuum of power and corruption from his previous 'allies'. Now over 20 powerful warriors and magi compete to gain power over Tenoch and become ruler in place of Kuan. On an island attached to the Isles of Tenoch, lies a town in infancy. This town is being built by a bunch of misfits that were stranded there when their ship they were on was capsized by a large implosion in the sea. It tore a rift between the Isles and the mainland. The cause of the implosion is unclear. But there are clues laying about the Isles. Let's hope the town or it's people can come together to forge some civility and bring peace.


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