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Dink Smallwood is a humorous role-playing video game. It was first released in 1998 before becoming freeware on October 17, 1999. It was developed by Robinson Technologies, at the time consisting of Seth Robinson, Justin Martin, and Greg Smith. Mitch Brink composed several of the game's music tracks, while others are MIDI forms of classical music such as Debussy's Reverie. The game has a small but dedicated fan following that continues to develop add-ons for the game more than a decade after its release. The HD version features remastered soundtrack, new quality of life features, built-in mod support, an upgraded engine, and gamepad support. Dink starts out as a pig farmer, living a normal life in Stonebrook, his home village. His father is said to have disappeared, leaving him behind in a small village with his mother. Somehow, as he is outside, his house burns down and his mother is killed. He is then told to go out of his village into the world to find his aunt and start living a new life with her. Along the way, he hears of a powerful and sinister group known as the Cast whose nefarious deeds are threatening the kingdom. Dink eventually makes it his quest to defeat this mysterious cult. After that, he goes in the Darklands to kill the mighty evil, Seth.


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