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Dino Crisis is a survival horror video game developed originally for the PlayStation console. It is the first installment in the Dino Crisis series and was created by the same team behind the Resident Evil games. Instead of the pre-rendered backgrounds of the Resident Evil games that preceded it, Dino Crisis uses an original real-time engine with 3D environments. Gameplay features traditional survival horror mechanics including action and puzzles, and it was developed to have more consistent visceral terror with the dinosaurs being quick, intelligent, and violent. There are four possible endings based on choices made by the player during the game. A special commando unit is sent to a remote island, where a mad scientist, Doctor Kirk, has been researching a way to harvest energy directly from air, causing an unimaginable disaster. Their goal is to locate a missing government agent sent to infiltrate the facility and spy on Kirk and his secretive dealings with the military. The team is led by Gail, a tough military type, but the player takes the role of his second in command, a capable redhead female commando named Regina. The team must find a way to survive in a secret government facility that is being infested by time-displaced dinosaurs, and return Doctor Kirk to custody.


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