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Dirge: is a 4v1 survival horror where players take on the role of paranormal investigators in the post war era to hunt down and defeat dark entities haunting various tortured locations across the world. Or Stalk the interlopers as one of these dark entities, and expel them from your domain. The early 20th century was rife with death and darkness on a global scale. The destruction and chaos of the Great War was quickly followed by a deep depression, only to be capped off with the horrors of the 2nd World War. Darkness on a much smaller scale such as brutal murders and abuse can on their own result in hauntings of tormented spirits and dark entities, the horrors of the turn of the century have thus cast the recovering world into a black shadow. Across the world supernatural horrors that have long been suppressed since their days of myth and dominance are bleeding into the gaps left in the chaos of the wars. All corners of the globe have become infested by the restless spirits of betrayed soldiers, widowed wives, victims of criminal activity, and poor souls who have fallen victim to similar entities long lost to folklore. Governments, organizations, and vigilantes who are aware of the battle against the dark entities creeping out of the gaps in the world move to keep the truth from the general populace. This is where our investigators draw their ranks. Government agents, men of faith, researchers, and vagabond hunters join forces to tackle the most dangerous of these dark entities in anguished locations across the globe. In Dirge you step into the post war era to explore the haunted mansion of Hillview. Your goal is to investigate the entity lurking there, discover its weaknesses, and defeat it... if you can.


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