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Dormiveglia is a 2D metroidvania starring Quinn, the whip-wielding hero of Spring Plaza. Join Quinn as they team up with the other heroes and allies of Elysium, and search for the four sacred Runes hidden about before they fall into the hands of Somnia! The journey begins from Spring Plaza, a peaceful village on the north of Elysium, one day Quinn is woken up by an inhabitant and asked to help them deal with the Sorceress Somnia who has suddenly invaded the Plaza for mysterious reasons... Quinn is one of the Four Heroes, individuals set to watch over the four towns at the corners of Elysium. Each town is named after a season and have a key monument that characterizes them; From Spring Plaza's immense Clock tower, to the impressive Battle Arena in Winter Arena as well as the Gong in Summer Crevasse and the Radio Tower in Autumn City. The journey will task Quinn with searching for four ancient Runes before Somnia and her Nightcrawlers get to them first, allowing her to cast a powerful spell that would put the entirety of the world into an eternal slumber. Along the way Quinn will tag along with the other three Heroes and explore the many fantastical and dreamlike areas of the world like Dawning Islands, Midnight Mines, Noon Nests and Twilight Tundra, each explorable area hosting a dungeon to conquer and more pieces of the mystery to piece together...


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