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A retro side-scrolling action martial arts game inspired by classics like Kung Fu Master and Shinobi with RPG elements! 20XX, For decades the USA has been going through an economic recession that has caused destabilization across the nation. One of the cities most affected by crime and mafia is North Town, where violence reigns supreme as the only law. Tamotsu Iwata, a respected master of the Dragon style of Karate, founded his own dojo in this city in order to help the weak defend themselves against evil. Years pass and Tamatsu gets sick, despite this the man most feared by the crime lords still remains. Over time he has three sons: the eldest Shinya, the second child Kasuga and the youngest Aiko.However, in the Iwata family tradition only the men can learn the secret techniques. This creates a gulf between Tamotsu and his daughter Kasuga, who disappears at a young age to follow the ninjitsu path, hoping one day to prove her worth. The years pass, the situation does not improve in the USA, and North Town continues to be hit by chaos. Tamotsu's situation is becoming increasingly precarious and as a result a gang of criminals decides to capture his youngest daughter, to put an end to his dojo and to stop him from helping the weak. So, Shinya becomes a formidable fighter despite his young age, and decides to go in search of his little sister. As he leaves the dojo to look for those responsible he is reunited after many years with his sister Kasuga, and is ready to put his pride aside in order to save Aiko. Thus begins the legend of the Dragon of Karate and the Dragon of Ninjitsu!


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