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Dragon Evo is a fantasy themed tactical card game with over 300 different cards to collect. Combine building cards, equipment cards and hero cards with unique abilities with game-changing event cards. Play single player adventures or online in ranked or unranked modes with or without your friends. Dragons and humans once coexisted peacefully, back when war broke out between the 3 biggest human empires – The Rutai, The Hologev and the Highwinds. The Hologev were quickly conquered and the remnants of the empire retreated into the Snowdrop Mountains. In the mountains, they began a new life as the Monks of Eryndil. War continued between the Highwind empire and the Rutai. Not being able to overcome the Highwinds because of their superior and advanced air force, the Rutai started a project called “The Dragon Evo Project” – an attempt to mass produce more powerful dragons, solely for combat. After tireless efforts and many failures the Hybrid was finally created – a creature as powerful as a dragon yet small and capable of mass production – and The Highwind Empire quickly brought to its knees. A great many dragons perished in battle, and those who survive were put into slavery. Dragon numbers dwindled.. It was during these times that a small group of free dragons and allied alchemist started constructing a portal to an alternate realm in which the dragons could exist without human control. The few remaining free dragons began attacking dragon prisons and Hybrid factories – freeing several dragons and then retreated to the Portal to the Dragon Realm. The Portal was then closed. Many Hybrids and a few dragons who did not make it to the portal before it was closed, headed far north, to uncharted land. Here they founded their own empire, ruled by the red dragon Queen Maggithon. After much unrest, civil war emerged within the Rutai Empire. To maintain control and order, the Empire released control over a few small towns, but the Empire was then sent straight into another civil war as the Rutai General disappeared with a large following from the Rutai army. He later returned to the Rutai city, conquered it, and is now self-proclaimed ruler of the city.


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