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Driftland: The Magic Revival is a unique real time strategy game, building both its mechanics and story around the innovative concept of manipulating fragments of a shattered planet - moving, terraforming and connecting them with bridges to achieve victory! After a devastating war between ancient mages, Driftland has become a shattered planet, held together by a powerful spell. Take on the role of a mighty mage who is able to move and connect flying islands. Develop a great Empire and restore Driftland to its former glory! Build your own magical empire in a real-time 4X strategy god game! Driftland: The Magic Revival officially announced for PC. Inspired by hits like Civilization, Populus, Majesty, and The Settlers, Driftland: The Magic Revival is set in a beautiful fantasy world filled with scattered islands, and it is your task to expand your kingdom and bring them all together. The planet of Driftland was never a peaceful place. Divided into parties fighting each other for power and lordship, it kept on going… until war between the mighty ancient mages reached a point at which the colossal widespread destruction of all the civilizations and life became irreversible. Enemies had to become allies in order to save their world from falling apart. They used all the magic they were able to gather… but the planet crumbled into pieces, which formed islands. The mages managed to cast a powerful spell to keep the world in balance. Dark times followed. Ages have passed, and it seemed there was no chance for a better future… But then a spark of hope broke through the darkness. New sources of magic appeared on the planet of Driftland. The conflict between the mages began anew – and war erupted again. You want Driftland for yourself. You would be the best ruler after all, wouldn’t you? You are a mage overlord, with your own castle, tower, and a small realm on one of the islands. Now is the time to build your own future – an empire that will be unstoppable. Expand your kingdom by joining more and more islands together to wield all the power in your hands.


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