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Drilly Willis has a drill for a head and mad guitar skills. Save music for eternity by fighting your enemies with a one-of-a-kind drillhead weapon, jam songs on your guitar to grant special powers and abilities, and explore an interconnected world of bizarre creatures! Drilly Willis has a drill for a head and rocks at guitar. But one night, in an envious rage, Flash Clappy, the most arrogant musician who ever lived, crashes Drilly's concert and banishes them to a world of things they hate. Now Drilly must escape Flash Clappy's prison, fighting strange creatures with their drillhead and learning guitar songs that grant special powers when played. Along the way, they'll find items that unlock new areas, build upgrades to face stronger foes, and ally with living musical instruments also banished by Clappy, all with their own unique tales to tell. Can Drilly escape this strange world and find their way back to the music? Or will Flash Clappy, a terrible musician who refuses to practice, succeed in banishing all good tunes, instruments, and musicians for eternity? Only Drilly Willis Can Save Music!


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