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Dungeon Rummage: Another Isekai?!

About Dungeon Rummage: Another Isekai?!

The player gets reincarnated in a fantasy world after dying a horrible death. The game's genres include RPG, City building, Dating sim, Dungeon crawler, Rogue lite and choices matter. The game contains a lot of meta- humour, funny characters and a completely custom "Rummage system" Welcome to Dungeon Rummage - Another Isekai!? Ever wondered what it would be like when you got reincarnated into a fantasy world? Now you can find out! Start out as a secluded Gamer shut-in, abandoned by society and work your way to become a legend among the townsfolk as you conquer the dungeon, build up the city and romance various characters! Careful! Falling in the dungeon has dire consequences! Acquire materials and crystals by slaying monsters inside the dungeon, wich can later be used for building or be traded in for some hard earned cash! Explore the dungeon with the unique "Rummage System"! As you venture deeper into the dungeon, new people will come to town. New allies and romance partners that can help on your adventure! What secrets will you uncover? What lies at the bottom of it all? Who knows! Only one way to find out!


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