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About DuskBreakers

DuskBreakers is a sci-fi inspired metaverse and gaming experience powered by blockchain. The choices we make collectively will irrevocably change the course of history across an exciting new alternate universe, unfolding across NFTs, comics, animations, and play-and-earn video games. Breakers have the honor of serving humanity through their work on The Dusk. Those chosen are part of the elite squads of Blasters, Rippers, and Junkers who fight and dig their way through the spaceship day in and day out. Without the constant supplies of Duskborne technology salvaged by Breakers, our world would be thrown back into the dark days of the Solar Event. Rising dramatically from the equator, the International Kinshasa Lift Space Elevator is the vital lifeline that connects the Earth and the Dusk. However, The Dusk does not let just anyone into Her hull. Our heroic Breakers are chosen individually by the Dusk, having completed the ritual of Contract through the Duskite Orb. Some even benefit from augmentations that The Dusk may bestow on certain Breakers. We are ever grateful for Her bounty.


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