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Empires in Ruins is the story-driven bastard child of 4X and Tower Defense. The Western Marches are aflame, will the grumpy and drunk Sergeant Hans Heimer be the one to quell it? Lead world map strategy in 4X-style, re-conquer your provinces, rebuild settlements and authority through your scoundrel officers. Fight Tower Defense and RTS-like bloody battles with up to 17 different towers and 5 resources buildings, against up to 23 unique enemy units, each with one or more special skills. Grim, foul-mouthed, and more real world-like than you'd hope it's true, Empires in Ruins world awaits you. The Western Marches, far away from the capital of the Principality of Koth, are aflame with rebellion. The bordering Kingdom of Krovan is flexing its military muscles, the long grudge with Koth never dealth with. And in this bloody turmoil, who to send if not the grumpiest, unruliest and drunkest Sergeant of the Principality, accompanied by just a ragtag army? So Sergeant Heimer story begins, wrapped up in endless questions. Who's pulling the strings, why, and what is really happening? Jump into the boots of the unlikeliest hero ever, taking your men into a fight for survival, and maybe even victory. (Maybe?)


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