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Eon fighters, key to our survival, collect resources to sustain the war against different invading civilizations. Join this huge task, upgrade your ship and weapons to survive waves of increasingly difficult enemies! On July 25, 2283, the human race acquires the ability to perform interplanetary travels. Over the next 100 years, they discover various advanced civilizations in remote parts of the galaxy. On May 30, 2717, after several failed attempts through diplomatic channels in order to maintain peace, the first galactic war for territorial control begins. 30 years later, faced with a shortage of resources needed to fuel the war machine, the human race creates the "EON" squadron, a special unit of hired pilots called "EON Fighters", whose task is to embark on extremely dangerous missions to collect essential materials in exchange for large sums of money. The war is far from over, and today more than ever the destiny of the human race depends on these warriors to continue fighting.


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