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Final Paradox is a minecraft CTM map where you will find an immersive story and a deep lore, with interesting characters and memorable antagonists, from the imposing conqueror to your faithful companion Koros. This map contains amazing scenery, challenging enemies, and unique mechanics. It has more than 40 hours of gameplay that you can enjoy alone or with friends. In a galaxy far, far away a powerful threat has emerged: The Conqueror, a powerful enemy that has begun a campaign for the unification of the galaxy, its "noble" purpose of bringing peace has caused a great catastrophe on many planets. Thar Kroo, a mysterious character, has brought you from the future to resume your mission: Stop the conqueror. For this he will provide you with legendary tools and allies. Your adventure begins here, but you will soon discover that there are no easy decisions and that there are no good or bad, only people with great convictions.


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