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A narrative puzzle game about two people trying to find their way back together in a city on fire. Maya sets out to find her way across the city by car, train, roller skate and rooftop all while avoiding police barricades, traffic jams and the spreading fire. Confined to his small apartment, Devin anxiously awaits Maya's arrival. He reminisces about their time together as he looks at all the mementos scattered around his place. Will Maya and Devin be able to find each other before the city is engulfed in flames? Maya and Devin are separated in a city on fire. In the year 1990, before cell phones or Internet. They’re on their own, wondering about the choices that brought them here, how they met, and what the future might hold. Inspired by Information Society's song of the same name, Fire Tonight is a lighthearted but thoughtful walk through the story of a relationship. A story about believing in each other when the whole world tries to keep them apart.


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