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Welcome to Firefight Descent. Firefight Descent is not your average firefight. With a focus on cinematic vibes and player interaction, this map takes cues from many of the things that made past firefights great. Descent breaks away from the usual perceptions of firefight. The map makes use of infinite play, game-changing decisions, and cutscenes to give a new and fresh experience. It is also the first firefight map for Halo Custom Edition to use a bsp (or level geometry) specifically made for the purpose of firefight. -Before you start the firefight, take a look around. Who knows what things you might find.- "The year is 2552. Delta Halo has recently been discovered by the crew members of the In Amber Clad. You are a new breed of Helljumper. Specially trained for extended combat, and wearing armor fitted with technology not unlike that of the legendary SPARTAN soldiers, you are ready to take more punishment than most marines could ever imagine. Today, you have learned that Covenant forces are taking interest in a mysterious structure roughly 3000 km from the nearest UNSC stronghold location. Your mission is to go in and eliminate as many of their forces as possible to pave the way for a full assault. You have waited a long time for this opportunity. The time has come to perform your duty. Prepare to descend into hell.


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