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Commercial fishing in the North Atlantic! Discover the majestic world of Canadian Nova Scotia while admiring the vast diversity of ocean life. Search for the ocean’s gold with upgradable fishing boats and various types of fishing gear as you progress in your career. We are reeling in the summer season, announcing that Fishing: North Atlantic, the successor to their cult favorite fisherman sim, Fishing: Barents Sea is due to hit Steam in October. Climb into the captain’s chair once again, this time in the majestic Canadian waters of Nova Scotia, braving the high seas across six realistic ports and fish habitats in search of ocean gold! Wishlist the game today on Steam and follow the Fishing: North Atlantic community on Discord to stay up to date with the catch of the day! “We’re excited to be nearing the end of the road in development on Fishing: North Atlantic,” said Yasemin Hamurcu our COO. “Our avid fan base from Fishing: Barents Sea have been clamoring for a successor, and we are aiming to give them exactly what they want with stunning graphics, a slew of fishing methods and breeds, with dynamic fish habitats and market prices. This is as close to the life of a fisherman on the high seas as most of us will ever come!” Plan the course of your fishing career throughout the whole year – brave rain and snow while looking for the best fishing zones, all while keeping the ever watchful eye on your quotas. Fishing: North Atlantic features a huge range of 25 handcrafted boats, new weather systems with upgraded atmospheric effects and all new fishing methods such as harpoons and deep-line-buoy-fishing. The new advanced fish-AI requires the use of GPS and sonar to follow the movement of your prey, depending on weather and water temperatures. Start with harpooning swordfish and tuna and work your way up to setting deep lines to catch snow crabs or lobster and experience life as a deep sea fisherman without actually getting wet!


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