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You've died and gone to Heaven, and there's nothing there to greet you but a sassy blue bird, a fishing pole and... a giant galaxy fish? Meet new friends, catch exotic fish and build a dream home to make your own personal fishing paradise. Bad news: you’re dead. Good news: at least you made it into Heaven! When you first awaken in the afterlife, you find yourself on a tiny deserted island in the middle of the ocean. No pearly gates, no choir of angels to greet you—just a couple of palm trees and an annoying little bird to keep you company. For a place called Heaven, it sure doesn’t feel much like paradise. There’s no shelter to protect you from the elements, nor even any food to eat. In fact, the only thing here at all seems to be an old fishing rod lying down by the shore. Looks like you’re gonna have to learn how to fish.


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