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Hard West 2 is a supernatural journey to the dark heart of the West. With a gun full of lead and a fistful of witchcraft, raise an outlaw posse and chase down the devil to take back what’s yours. Blaze a trail back to the dark heart of the West in Hard West 2. You are Gin Carter, a notorious outlaw with a reputation as dangerous as the frontier itself. On the hunt for a big score, you hear talk that the legendary “Ghost Train” is heading your way loaded with federal gold. This is the one. You swiftly assemble a posse of outlaws, some with guns, others with the kind of supernatural skills that make saloon bars fall silent in a split second. Night falls and the posse rides out, silhouetted in the spectral light of the moon. Together, you transform the prairie into an ungodly land echoing with gunfire and the screams of the hunted. But once on board the train, you discover it’s not named the “Ghost Train” for nothing. What follows is the fight of your life through the uncharted badlands of the Hard West, propelled by bullets, witchcraft, and your pursuit of personal salvation at any cost. Chase down the devil himself and take back what he stole — your soul.


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