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Dynamic battles, twisting dungeons, and countless secrets await you in the magical world of Astravia. As the wandering mystician Oliver, you and your companions must uncover the truth of your past... before the Cataclysm brings forth another age of ruin. Oliver is a mystician—those in Astravia who are gifted with a natural talent to cast magic. After waking up lost and alone in the forested region of Mordin and being chased down by a band of corrupt knights, Oliver starts his journey training and recovering under the wing of the local swordsman (and farmer) Baldric. Learning to spar and helping tend to the farm, Oliver soon became accustomed to the villagers' simple lifestyle despite his hazy past. This calm did not last long, however, as a fated meeting with the enigmatic Azel and an encounter with a trio of “Astri Hunters” on the outskirts of town forced Oliver to realize that he is involved in something greater... and that he and Azel are somehow destined to cross paths. He sets off on a journey across the world to piece together his origins, meeting new companions—and enemies—along the way. However, for each step towards discovering the truth of his own past, Oliver gets further entangled in Astravia's dark and mysterious history... and he must unravel the truth before the reawakening of the Great Cataclysm brings forth another age of ruin.


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