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"Life After Magic" is a Y2K, queer WLW visual novel focused around retired magical girls! What's a magical girl to do when the teenage years are over, and there's no more bad guys for you to fight? How about navigating lost connections? Or juggling a totally awful retail gig? Worst of all - your magical powers are fading... Being an adult sucks! Life was so much easier when Akiko was saving the world with her magical girl squad, the Sentinels of Justice. Now she’s stuck working a boring retail job, watching the days creep closer to Y2K. She’s lost touch with her high school friends, her powers, and herself. Worst of all... When Akiko realizes her healing magic is fading, she knows it's a sign of trouble. But things only get worse from there — her old teammates are affected too and soon the greater populace of the city! As Akiko, with help from the Sentinels, track down what's happening to magic (and who might be behind it) before it's too late.


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