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"What are the colors of your heart?" The heartwarming story of Lilja, a blind painter, and Natsuka, her energetic assistant, who unravel the mysteries behind their clients' requests. An all-new visual novel presented by Frontwing." The world is illuminated by your light, and the flowers you hold give it color. There's a rumor spreading quietly across the internet: "An anonymous painter will paint anything you request." They do not want money or fame. Capricious and eccentric, the painter only accepts requests that pique their interest. Those lucky enough to meet this mysterious criteria will be chosen to meet with Lilja—a beautiful girl with long, fairy-like silver hair and eyes that shine like gemstones. Even though she is blind and wheelchair-bound, this does not hinder her genius. "From this day forward, I'm going to become your new eyes and legs!" Natsuka is her energetic live-in assistant. She acts as Lilja's eyes and legs, using her instinct and intuition to find the inspiration and information beyond what's necessary that Lilja seeks. "I don’t know for sure, but I can feel it!" Her words resound within Lilja and become the "light" that illuminates her world. The blue of reminiscence, the green of monsters, the red of martyrdom... "My little dove has brought me an olive leaf! It's now my turn to take care of the rest." The results far exceed the clients' wildest dreams. "The world seen through your eyes is much more beautiful than the world I used to see." Tortured by their pasts, two girls walk into a new future in this story of loss and rebirth.


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