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Throw yourself into an exciting adventure! Live Adventure is a 2nd person game where you follow the journey of two young explorers, Lence and Reel in search of their parents. Solve the mysteries of a lost civilization while exploring a lush forest littered with mysterious ruins. The adventure starts at the launch of STEVE, the camera of Lence. After the disappearance of their parents, those siblings throw themselves on a great adventure to find them back. Working together, on the track of a lost civilization, they will discover wonderful places and uncover mysterious ruins. As a player, you have constant control over these two characters. You will have to use their abilities in synergy to explore and solve puzzles in the lost ruins of a lush forest. Experience a completely new way of controlling two characters with a gamepad from the point of view of a camera hold by one of them. You will be able to really play as a duo! Follow the story of Lence and Reel, on an expedition to find their missing parents. Follow them in their journey full of mysteries, adventures, and emotions. Lence and Reel will travel through many colorful extraordinary places, discover an uncharted forest full of exotic vegetation and enigmatic ruins. During their expedition, Lence and Reel will discover many ruins and old mechanisms that they will have to understand to solve the mysteries of a legendary civilization and find their parents.


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