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Lost Isle is an open-world survival game set in a procedurally generated fantasy world. Build and protect or siege and plunder. Harvest and craft or explore and loot. Whether you decide to go it alone or forge an alliance with other players, the Lost Isle is yours to take–and lose–as you see fit. The natural laws of the world are twisted and distorted here, creating a land of new opportunity. Come explore a world lost in the tides of the immaterial. Venture through distinct environments. Battle unique enemies. Gather powerful resources and ingredients. Discover the secrets of the Lost Isle before they’re devoured. The riches of the Lost Isle are only matched by the hazard. Raise your stronghold and build settlements that offer protection from the dangers in the darkness at the edge of the campfire. Customize buildings with a detailed building system both inside and out. Expand your skillset to build, grow, and protect your new home. The Lost Isle is unforgiving, particularly to the unprepared. Struggle against the harsh nature of the isle as you gather materials to craft weapons, armor, tools, and defenses. Brew potent concoctions and forge legendary devices to shore up your fragile mortality. Learn from master alchemists, artificers, apothecaries, witches, and wizards the secrets of the most dedicated.


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