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What is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare about?

Slip into the roles of Special Forces agents in a dramatic saga where the global balance of power is trembling. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offers fans an incredibly raw, daring, and provocative storyline that is inimitably intense and takes a look at the dynamic nature of current wars. In a tough and dramatic single-player campaign, Modern Warfare pushes the limits and breaks the rules in a way only Call of Duty can. Players take part in breathtaking secret operations in well-known European cities and the unpredictable regions of the Middle East.

Players can dive into new gameplay areas that redefine the Call of Duty multiplayer. Experience fast-paced, tight-space action in 2-on-2 firefighting, traditional 6-on-6 multiplayer gameplay, 10-on-10, 20-on-20, and an all-new Ground War mode with over 100 players. Weapons have been completely redesigned and players will have the greatest choice in Call of Duty history as they customize their multiplayer characters for every encounter with unprecedented customization options from the new weaponsmith system. Game mechanics, like bullets, weapon attachments, door-breaking, and night vision multiplayer ensure a stunning tactical experience.

The game features a new engine that provides an immersive and photorealistic gaming experience. The new technology features the latest graphics developments, including a physics-based material system that enables state-of-the-art photogrammetry, a new hybrid field-based streaming system, PBR for rendering surfaces, global volumetric lighting, 4K HDR, DirectX ray tracing, and a new GPU-based geometry pipeline. Spectral rendering provides thermal signatures and infrared identification for both thermal and night vision. The technical investment provides a state-of-the-art animation and blend shaping system, while new audio tools on the dedicated platforms ensure full Dolby ATMOS support and state-of-the-art sound simulation effects.





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343d ago

The three years of development time and the lack of the story mode in last year's title did good for CoD. Infinity Ward has already shown what they are capable of in the two demo missions in terms of storytelling, intensity and emotions. rnIf the finished game can keep up with what the presentation so far promises, the new Call of Duty 2019 will be by far the most philosophical and emotional game of the series. With the contrast between elite units and rebels, the circumstances of warfare are illuminated from two different perspectives. In addition to photorealistic graphics and rich sound, Infinity Ward underscores its own high standards and is expected to take the annual traditional shooter to a new level.

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Jamie Chief


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265d ago

So I have played the beta now extensively and must say I like what I have seen, plays almost like MW2 back then, only a bit faster (unfortunately).
But there is a huge problem. On the consoles, you are entirely at a disadvantage as a European (at least in beta)! Despite the constant 50 Mbit/s UPLOAD, most players have such a significant ping disadvantage, which doesn't help the cause. All in all, you have to do Prefire in general even if you don't know if someone is behind the corner because even if you start shooting in front of your opponent, you need twice as much ammo as the friendly US-American in the opponent team to take him out. That's often very annoying, however when I am playing a Ground war game, where there is less close combat and aim the thing looks completely different. It's also funny that the ping of the players is not displayed ... but In my case, I think it was around 200-300 ms. I honestly hope that the beta was hosted only for cost reasons on North America server used and in the finished game, there will be worldwide servers. All in all, however, this will be one of the games I am hyped for this year! So I am glad I already pre-ordered myself a Modern Warfare Key from here!

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