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What is Deathloop about?

Deathloop recounts the story of the two assassins Julianna and Colt. Both stranded on an island called Blackreef, they are involved in an eternal fight to death. Whenever one of them dies, he wakes up at the starting point of his own cycle of death. Expect breathtaking environments with a dark and futuristic look, elaborately designed levels, and fast-paced action. In the fight against your adversary, you don't just use a lavish arsenal of weapons, but also employ special powers like energy shocks and short-term teleportation from one place to another. In the course of the game, Colt wants to break the cycle of dying and reawakening. Julianna's goal is to prevent this, because she wants to keep the cycle to herself. To break out, you must comb the entire island and complete numerous missions. You will have to die frequently in order to win. The first-person shooter is developed by Arkane Studios, known for shooters like Prey and the Dishonored series.