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What is Evil Genome about?

Evil Genome was made by Crystal Depths Studio. It is a 3D horizontal version action adventure game (Metroidvania). It supports single-player and combined elements with wasteland world exploration, platformer, strategic combat and role development. You can use both ground and aerial skills, escape from barrage, fight with your enemies and collect game elements to develop your character. The story takes place in the 23rd century. Youre under the orders of TLS organisation. Your mission is to investigate and eliminate those colonies which decalred their independence. During the adventure, you have to face to forces of different areas. Please enjoy this story!

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642d ago

It's a good game with a fair price compared to playing through time (took me about 20 hours, did everything minor), but it's hard around the corners. What I have to say here is that the developers are very ambitious and publish new patches almost every day since the release, they also take care of user entries (forum) that I liked very much. >>Pros:- fun gamplay- nice artwork/graphics- visible weapon/costume changes- abilities make sense - game runs stable (win 10)- some nice musiccons:- apruptes end- frustrating lockpicking minigame (esp. on 2nd or 3rd playthrough)- cutscenes not skippable (maybe already patched)- some hickups and small technical problems- bad translation and localization

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