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What is Hitman 3 about?

Including six meticulously detail locations full of creative possibilities, Hitman 3 provides players with unparalleled freedom to achieve their goals in a game world that responds to everything you do. All of this is made possible by IOI's award-winning Glacier technology, which enables the immersive world with unprecedented choice and replayability. The game acts as a platform for the entire trilogy, allowing players to import locations from previous Hitman games and play all 20+ locations from the trilogy in one place. Hitman 2 players will also be able to take their hard-earned unlocks and progress to Hitman 3.
Whether you're in the mood to dress up as Helmut Kruger to walk the catwalk in Paris, infiltrate a bank vault in New York, or just to relax and listen to the gentle sound of the waves on the beaches of Sapienza - you can now do in VR! Playing in VR will change the way you play Hitman with a first-person perspective that immerses you into the game world. Face your goals, join a buys crowd to eavesdrop on conversations and interact with the world with your own hands.
In the new story, Agent 47 joins forces with Lucas Grey, supported by Diana Burnwood. Both want to take out the Providence partners, but this turns out to be more difficult than expected. In the end, the world of Agent 47 will not be the same anymore.

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