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What is My Name is Mayo about?

If you are looking for a next generation gameplay experience and an engrossing open world environment...!!! Well, this is not that game... This is the touching story about a Mayo Jar.

This is a clicking adventure that simulates the real-life tapping of a Mayo Jar! You will unveil its story and (maybe) you will learn from it, while you unlock 50 achievements!!

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620d ago

The installation information showed 17 MB, but only 11. 9 MB were downloaded. As well as people who live in the forest and don't have DSL, yes not even ISDN, if there is still such a thing, could download the game. Very detailed game description: You start the game and see a mayoglass, with a red blanket. You control a hand and when you click on the mayo glass, it is counted and held in the upper right corner. With certain scores, you get an achievement. If you quit the game and start again at some point, then you continue playing where you left off, i. e. in terms of scores. And there's another global leaderboard that I don't think much of, because everything looks fake. That's it. That's the whole game. I think it can't be described in more detail^^I guess a human developed the game on a weekend alone. If he made a good deal with Steam, maybe he's a millionaire now. Even if the game regularly earns 99 cents and even less on sale! Because here the mass of the purchases counts, which was furnished by errungenschaftsgeilen u201eGamernu201c. It was not so easy for me to get all the achievements. This picture with the mayoglass burned into my eyes. Tears were running, I felt the need to take out my eyes. That monotonous song! I'll never forget it! Any moment my eardrum could have burst. I burn, homeless people try to put me out by pissing on me! I rolled over to die. I wake up sweating, thanking God the Almighty our Creator that it was just a nightmare. Nevertheless, I had the desire to kill anyone who wore majo-coloured clothing with a red cap. PS: There are also trading cards If you liked the review, thank R4LL3, because through his review I came to this game. If you don't know him yet, his profile picture looks like he's about to smash your face. I know, profile pictures say nothing about the actual person! Maybe he's a little obedient girl, a little princess with braces. He could be a badass hard-core guy, though. So, respect him! This review was written after five beers. Spelling errors are possible, even probable. I'm only writing this because I don't feel like reading it again. OK I'm really a little drunk too: D

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