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What is Offensive Combat: Redux about?

This bundle includes four copies of Offensive Combat: Redux!SummaryOffensive Combat: Redux! is a fast-paced, frenetic online FPS game that lets you show your skill and play as a number of different unique characters including Commandos, Aliens, Geckos, Chickens, Orcs, Pirates, Disco Stars, Drumpf, Anonymous (yes, we hope they dont hack us), and more! Gear up with dozens of insane weapons and level up your guns, nades and character skins in single player mode. Test out new weapons in the Weapon Range, then explore the maps to get yourself ready for multiplayer. Team up in Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, or jump into the chaos of a free-for-all round of Deathmatch. With 8 very different maps at launch and multiple modes, Offensive Combat: Redux! is a unique, funny, FPS game that you wont want to miss!Earn XP in Single-Player, or Multiplayer mode to unlock weapon upgrades, better melee weapons and fun grenades. Earn coins to spend on new avatar parts, or pwn your opponents for random loot drops of avatar parts. And best of all, there are No Micro-Transactions! Yeah, were not into that BullS**t!
- 8 Maps (with more in the works)
- Weapons, Weapons, Weapons – Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Handguns, Melee Weapons 
- Hundreds of Avatar Parts – Show your unique character as you chose from more than 40 character heads, chests, legs, arms and feet and more than 1,000 combinations at launch
- Power-ups – find time-limited power-ups in game including Chainguns, Armor, Double Damage, Rocket Launchers, and more
- Multiple Pwns – Teabag your enemies after you kill them for extra rewards and random drops
- Multiplayer Game Modes-Deathmatch (2-12 Players)-Team Deathmatch (4-16 Players)-Capture the Flag (4-16 Players)
- Single Player Modes-Anihilator - Earn XP and Coins to upgrade your weapons and buy new skins while fighting 1 against everyone.

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