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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Wallpaper
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Key Art

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Year 1

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About Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Year 1

Rainbow Six: Siege is the latest instalment of the acclaimed first-person shooter series developed by renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio. Inspired by authentic international anti-terrorist operations, Rainbow Six: Siege invites players to experience the art of destruction. Focus on intense house-to-house battles, high risk, tactics, team play, and explosive action. The multiplayer gameplay of the game sets new standards in terms of intense firefights and the development of strategies. Soloists can play scenarios that also serve as tutorials and familiarize players with different gadgets.

In Multiplayer, you compete against each other in teams of five players. The defending team must either protect two bombs or prevent a hostage from being freed by the attacking team. Teamwork and tactics are indispensable - lone fighters will quickly end up dead. Choose between different operators at the beginning of each round, which can be bought with credits. Credits are earned by completing scenarios or by winning in multiplayer and you can also use them to modify the weapons of each operator, or attach different visors or grips. The base game contains five different special forces with four operators each, including the British SAS, the French GIGN, the SWAT of the American FBI, the Russian SpezNas, and the German GSG9. Each of the 20 operators has special equipment unique to his class. While Thermite can blow up reinforced walls, IQ can detect electronic equipment behind walls of any thickness. A good combination of these capabilities in a team is the key to success.

It is advisable to proceed either in a group or with a buddy. In this way, Montagne can protect himself and the comrade behind him with his ballistic shield and put pressure on the defenders by steadily advancing. Glaz, in the meantime, can take out the defenders with his sniper rifle when changing cover. Maps are well thought out and varied, according to which a good knowledge of the area has many advantages. Buildings have several doors and windows that serve as entrances. In addition, you can simply blow up individual walls and floors to create further entries, creating a unique dynamic that has never been seen before in similar shooters.

Rainbow Six: Siege attempts to tackle Counter-Strike on its throne of tactical shooters. The new game from Ubisoft Montreal convinces with solid technology, new innovations, and a lot of variety. Technical elements, the destructible environment, and the different equipment of the individual operators create a new game principle and a dynamic never seen before.

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