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What is Void and Meddler about?

Fragments and details, rainy nights and blurry lights are all VOID&MEDDLER focuses on. A single night intrusion into Fyns life and hopes. Tired of the last two years she spent wandering without a goal and without memories, among disenchanted strangers, and pitiless scavengers, Fyn decided to put an end to all of this. She'll have a few hours to make things right, and seek strong, pure and substantial memories. In a city where genders and species melt into each other, maybe she'll find the long lost touch of humanity missing from her life.
The idea behind Void & Meddler was to create a game that looks like its creators, two musicians nurtured by noise rock from the 80s, synthwave, road trips and cyberpunk literature. Together, we conjured the narration, we created No Wave, we tamed the weird, we fucked in an orgy of wires, neons and white noise. Distance doesn't corrupt anything. Amps were set aside for a while, and we dived head first into another sphere we loved, full of code, textures and pixel art.

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640d ago

Cold neon light reflected in acid rain. A deep, humming sound in the back of the head, veiled the thoughts and impregnated by thick air. That's how Void & Meddler can be described. In a world existing in an unknown future, you wander around looking for yourself. Void & Meddler is a point and click adventure in a wonderfully detailed, pixel art world with an incomparable soundtrack. Between intoxication, appearance and being you wander through this city and search for. . . what is it actually? When you play through the first episode, you feel like you have muddy fingers. You scratch around in the first layer of history and before you know it, the mud of intoxication pulls you deeper and deeper. Thus, one pauses from thought layer to thought layer deeper into the world in which the main female protagonist is located. The game is more of an art project, visual as well as acoustic and narrative. You should get involved and take the time to forget everything you know so far. The game itself is really not for everyone so I can understand the mixed reaction. Since it is only in English or French it is a little difficult but not impossible for a German speaker. The cyberpunk world is coherent and only after some time of playing you understand where you are and what actually happens. Whereby this also remains spongy and gradually builds up. As a cyberpunk fan I love this game with its very harmonious atmosphere and enjoy every moment. Only those who really want to understand what it's all about should play for themselves.

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