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What is Virtual Reality Football Club about?

VRFC, where a group of strangers become a team almost instantly.
VRFC takes 8 football ready enthusiasts running, kicking and sliding into the world's first FPF (First person football game). Take to the turf in VRFC, the worlds only first-person VR football game. Whether you struggle to hit a cows backside with a banjo, or your idea of dribbling is something babies do, none of that matters - now you can become a footballing legend in your own living room.
Learn the basics of the game - running, dribbling, shooting, not falling over - then head out onto the pitch to show your new team mates your skills. But its not all about how dazzling youll become - play as a team and youll soon be winning matches as well as admiring glances. They might even forgive you for missing that sitter from 2 yards out.
Play in competitive online 8-player matches with global leaderboards, or invite your friends into a private match for a little friendly competition. Master the training activities offline and with fully customisable game settings you can tailor your agile VR experience to suit you.
A wealth of VR comfort options will ease you into the game, and as you run around the pitch youll be burning the calories without even realising it. Make new football friends, play like a real team, and score the occasional absolute worldy. Youll never want to play on a real pitch again.



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7 Jun 2018 ⏰

Also called

VRFC Virtual Reality Football Club, VRFC