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Sanctity is a Hack & Slash RPG with platformer elements where you travel between the Real and Virtual Worlds in fast-paced combat against swarms of enemies and boss fights inspired by MMO raid design. For as long as the history books recorded, humans and Fae had been sworn enemies. Driven by insatiable greed, humans hungered for ever-expanding territories and resources whilst the ethereal Fae, with an aura of otherworldly superiority, regarded themselves far above mere mortals. Naturally, this led to war - one that lasted for generations, both sides locked in a stalemate. Then, one day, the king of the humans was visited by a “god”, who gave them a gift to turn the tides of war - the gift of “technology”. With their new technology, the humans decemated the Fae forces, subjugating them and building a world in God's name by deploying autonomous knights known as Paladins - one for each of the 7 elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Light, Dark and Gravity. . Now at peace through technology, humans succumbed to stagnation. They built their grand fortress cities, enslaved the Fae to do their bidding, and wollowed away their lives in debauchery and frivolity within God's Infinite Paradise system. Thus has the world remained for centuries, stuck in an ever lasting cycle of stagnation. That was, until the Corrupted came. Swiftly consuming the world, the Paladins struggling valiantly against the blasphemy of the Corrupted. But even the might of the Paladins could not stop the spread from reaching the Holy City… With her trusted Artificial Companion, Aura, the Paladin of Gravity known as Aldreda returns to find a city in chaos. Armed with only her wits, combat prowess and sword, can she fight back against the wave of Corruption and save the remaining citizens of Sanctaidd?


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