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Satellite Reign is a real-time, class-based strategy game. You control a team of four agents, each with distinct and unique abilities, collectively battling for control of a simulated, living cyberpunk city. Customise your team with the strength to destroy your enemies head-on, or hack into their facilities to manipulate their infrastructure without them ever knowing you were even there. Will you take down your enemies with brute-force? Covert espionage and infiltration? Or will you use propaganda to influence the citizens of the city and overthrow the controlling powers? The world's governments are controlled by mega-corporations, democracy to the highest bidder. Society is structured for the benefit of those in power. The poor exist in the dark squalid underbelly of the city, while the wealthy swim in opulence and luxury on the upper tiers, and the vast middle-class are too comfortable with their lives of convenience to see the world for what it really is. Corporate police patrol the streets, brutally maintaining the status quo, all under the guise of keeping the people safe. The time for change is now, as a mysterious organisation rises from the slums of the city. They'll have to bribe, steal, hack, kill and augment their way through the barriers between them and their ultimate goal...but what are they trying to achieve? To free the masses from the corporate stranglehold, or to take control for themselves? That, is up to you. Satellite Reign takes place in an unnamed fictional city referred as "The City" where a corporation named Dracogenics rises after releasing a prototype for Immortality named Resurrection-Tech however Dracogenics turns to Corporate crime and bribes politicians with Immortality for control and influence eventually leading to the privatisation of The City's services and full corporate control over The City's Police Force. Civil unrest arises and is suppressed by Dracogenics but a rival corporation soon comes to light and launches anti Dracogenics attacks. The Player controls this Rival Corporation and must overthrow Dracogenics from The City.


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